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外贸英语口语900句之十一:保险 Insurance

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本文摘要:(一)Im looking for insurance from your company.我是到贵公司来投保的。Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People Insurance Company of China.张先生在中国人民保险公司的办公室接待了威廉先生。


(一)I'm looking for insurance from your company.我是到贵公司来投保的。Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People' Insurance Company of China.张先生在中国人民保险公司的办公室接待了威廉先生。After loading the goods on board the hip, I go to the insurance company to have them insured.装船后,我到保险公司去投保。

When should I go and have the tea insured?我什么时候将这批茶叶投保?All right. Let's leave insurance now.好吧,保险问题就谈到这里。I have come to explain that unfortunate affair about the insurance.我是来解释这件保险的不幸事件的。I must say that you've corrected my ideas about the insurance.我该说你们已经纠正了我对保险的看法。

This information office provides clients with information on cargo insurance.这个问讯处为主顾提供大量关于货物投保方面的信息。The underwriters are responsible for the claim as far as it is within the scope of cover.只要是在保险责任规模内,保险公司就应卖力赔偿。

The loss in question was beyond the coverage granted by us.损失不包罗在我方承保的规模内。The extent of insurance is stipulated in the basic policy form and in the various risk clause.保险的规模写在基本保险单和种种险此外条款里。

Please fill in the application form.请填写一下投保单。Words and Phrasesinsure 保险;投保;保证insurance 保险;保险费;保险金额underwriters 保险商(指专保水险的保险商)保险承运人insurance company 保险公司insurer 保险人insurance broker 保险经纪人insurance underwriter 保险承保人insurance applicant 投保人insurant, the insured 被保险人,受保人to cover (effect,arrange,take out) insurance 投保insurance coverage;risks covered 保险规模insurance slip 投保单insured amount 保险金额insurance against risk 保险insurance clause 保险条款insurance instruction 投保通知insurance business 保险企业insurance conditions 保险条件(二)What risks is the People's Insurance Company of China able to cover?中国人民保险公司承保的险别有哪些?What risks should be covered?您看应该保哪些险?What kind of insurance are you able to provide for my consignment?贵公司能为我的这批货保哪些险呢?It's better for you to can the leaflet, and then make a decision.你最好先看看说明书,再决议保什么险。These kinds of risks suit your consignment.这些险别适合你要投保的货物。

May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms?请问凭据你们常用的CIF价钱条件,所保的究竟包罗哪些险别?It 's important for you to read the "fine print" in any insurance policy so that you know what kind of coverage you arebuying.阅读保险单上的“细则”对你是十分重要的,这样就能知道你要买的保险包罗哪些项目。Words and PhrasesPICC (People's Insurance Company of China) 中国人民保险公司risk insured, risk covered 承保险项risk 险别to provide the insurance 为...提供保险leaflet 说明书fine print 细则(三)what is the insurance premium?保险费是几多?The premium is to be calculated in this way.保险费是这样盘算的。

The total premium is 800 U.S. dollars.保险费总共是800美圆。The cover paid for will vary according to the type of goods and the circumstances.保险用度根据货物种别的详细情况会有所差别。

The rates quoted by us are very moderate. Of course, the premium varies with the range of insurance.我们所收取的费率是很有限的,固然,保险用度要凭据投保规模的巨细而有所差别。According to co-insurance clauses, the insured person must pay usually 20 percent of the total expenses covered.凭据配合保险条款,保险人通常必须付全部用度的百分之二十。

The insurance rate for such kink of risk will vary according to the kind.这类险此外保险费率将凭据货物种类而定。Insurance brokers will quote rates for all types of cargo and risks.保险经纪人会开出承保各种货物的种种险此外用度。Can you give me an insurance rate?您能给我一份保险率表吗?Could you find out the premium rate for porcelain?您能查一下瓷器的保险费率吗?You should study not only the benefits but also the terms and limitations of an insurance agreement that appears best suited to your needs.你不仅要研究种种保险所标明的给予保险人的赔偿用度,还要研究它的条件与限制,然后选出最适合你需要的一种。

Words and Phrasesinsurance expense 保险费premium rate 保险费率premium 保险费insurance rate 保险费率表insurance proceeds 保险金(保险收入)(四)F.P.A. stands for "Free from Particular Average".FPA代表平安险。W.P.A. stands for "With Particular Average".WPA代表水渍险。

I'll have the goods covered against Free from Particular Average.我将为货物投保平安险。I know that F.P.A insurance doesn't cover losses on consumer goods.我知道平安险不包罗消费品的种种损失。I don't think that the W.P.A insurance covers more risks than the F.P.A..我认为水渍险承保的规模并不比平安险的规模宽。

Free from Particular Average is good enough.只保平安险就可以了。The goods are to be insured F.P.A.这批货需投保平安险。What you've covered is Leakage.你所投保的是渗漏险。Why don't you wish to cover Risk of Breakage?您为什么不想投保破碎险呢?W.P.A coverage is too narrow for a shipment of this nature, please extend the coverage to include TPND.针对这种性质的货物只保水渍险是不够的,请加保偷盗提货不成险。

Don't you wish to arrange for W.P.A. and additional coverage against Risk of Breakage?您不想保水渍险和附加破碎险吗?Not every breakage is a particular average.并不是所有的破碎险都属于单独海损。The coverage is W.P.A. plus Risk of Breakage.投保的险别为水渍险加破碎险。Well, obviously you won't want All Risks cover.显然,你不想保综合险。


An All Risks policy covers every sort of hazard, doesn't it?一份综合险保单保所有的险,是吗?We'd like? to cover the porcelain ware against All Risks.我们想为这批瓷器投保综合险。Please insure the shipment for RMB5,000 against All Risks.请将这批货物投保综合险人民币5000元。We've cover insurance on these goods for 10% above the invoice value against All Risks.我们已经将这些货物按发票金额加百分之十投保综合险。

An F.P.A. policy only covers you against total loss in the case of minor perils.平安险只有在发生较小危险时才给保全部损失险。The F.P.A. doesn't cover partial loss of the nature of particular average.平安险不包罗单独海损性质的部门损失。A W.P.A. or W.A. policy covers you against partial loss in all cases.水渍险在任何情况下都给保部门损失险。

You'll cover SRCC risks, won't you?你们要保歇工、暴乱、民变险,是吗?As our usual practice, insurance covers basic risks only, at 110 percent of the invoice value. If coverage against otherrisks is required, such as breakage, leakage, TPND, hook and contamination damages, the extra premium involved would be for the buyer's account.根据我们的老例,只保基本险,按发票金额110%投保。如果要加保其它险别,例如破碎险、渗漏险、偷窃遗失险、钩损和污染险等,分外保险费由买方肩负。Words and Phrasesinsurance free of (from) particular average (FPA). 平安险(单独海损不赔)insurance with particular average (WPA), basic risks. insurance against all risks. 综合险,应保一切险risk of breakage 破碎险risk of clashing 碰损险risk of rust 生锈险risk of hook damage 钩损险risk of contamination (tainting) 污染险insurance against total loss only (TLO) 全损险risk of deterioration 变质险risk of packing breakage 包装破裂险risk of inherent vice 内在缺陷险risk of normal loss (natural loss)? 途耗或自然损耗险risk of spontaneous combustion 自然险risk of contingent import duty 入口关税险insurance against war risk 战争险Air Transportation Cargo War Risk 航空运输战争险overland Transportation Insurance War Risk 陆上运输战争险insurance against strike, riot and civil commotion (SRCC) 歇工,暴乱,民变险insurance against extraneous risks, insurance against additional risks 附加险risk of theft, pilferage and nondelivery (TRND) 偷窃提货不着险risk of fresh and/of rain water damage(wetting) 淡水雨淋险risk of leakage 渗漏险risk of shortage in weight/quantity 短量险risk of sweating and/or heating 受潮受热险risk of bad odour(change of flavour) 恶味险,变味险risk of mould 发霉险on deck risk 舱面险(五)We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinks of risks for sea transport.我公司可以承保海洋运输的所有险别。Generally speaking, aviation insurance is much cheaper than marine insurance.空运保险一般要比海运保险自制。

Then "all marine risks" means less than "all risks".那么,“一切海洋运输货物险”意味着比“一切险”规模小一些。In the insurance business, the term "average" simply means "loss" in most cases.在保险业中“average”一词一般是“海损”的意思。

Are there any other clauses in marine policies?海运险还包罗其它条款吗?Breakage is a particular average, isn't it?破碎险属于一种单独海损,对吗?the risk of breakage is covered by marine insurance, isn't it?破碎险是包罗在海洋运输货物险之内的,对吗?The English understood by "marine risks" only risks incident to transport by sea.英国人对“海洋运输货物险”只明白为海洋中的意外风险。Generally, the term "all marine risks" is liable to be misinterpreted and its use should be avoided in L/C.一般地,“一切海洋运输货物险”容易被误解,应该制止在信用证中使用。

Words and Phrasesocean marine cargo insurance clauses 海洋运输货物保险条款transportation insurance 运输保险overland transportation insurance, land transit insurance 陆上运输保险insurance against air risk, air transportation insurance 航空运输保险parcel post insurance 邮包运输保险ocean marine cargo insurance, marine insurance 水险(海运货物保险)All Risks 一切险average 海损Particular Average (P.A) 单独海损General Average (G.A) 配合海损Marine Losses 海损partial loss 部门损失total loss 全部损失(六)Please tell me whether I need to purchase a foreign student policy.告诉我是否我需要购置外国学生保险。I'd like to know whether basic health insurance coverage should include benefits for outpatient, hospital, surgery andmedical expenses.我想知道基本康健保险所列的项目是否应包罗医院门诊,住院,手术及药品等用度的赔偿。

Will you please tell me where I can purchase health insurance?请告诉我在那边能买到康健保险?Health insurance is merely a mean by which people pool money to guard against the sudden economic consequences of sickness orinjury.康健保险就是筹集一些钱以预防疾病或受伤而突然发生的经济难题。"Major medical" insurance policies are designed to help offset heavy medical expenses that can result from a prolongedillness or serious injury.“巨额医药费保险”旨在协助减轻久病及重伤所造成的重大医药开支。If the benefits provided under a certain policy have a dollar limitation for each service, you should determine whether theselimitations are realistic.如果某一家保险公司的康健保险对每种服务定有赔偿限额,你应断定这些限额是否合乎实际。

Words and Phraseshealth insurance 疾病保险,康健保险sickness insurance 疾病保险insurance for medical care 医疗保险"major medical" insurance policy 巨额医药费保险insurance during a period of illness 疾病保险life insurance 人寿保险endowment insurance 养老保险insurance on last survivor 长寿保险to purchase health insurance 购置康健保险to have a health insurance policy 购置康健保险Additional Words and Phrasespolicy-holder 保险客户extra premium 分外保险费additional premium 附加保险费insurance law 保险法insurance act 保险条例insurance industry? 保险业insurance division 保险部insurance treaty 保险条约cover note 保险证明书guarantee of insurance 保险担保书premium rebate 保险费回扣insurance claim 保险索赔ceding, retrocession(for reinsurance) 分保reinsurance 分保(再保险)ceding(insurance)company 分保公司co-insurance company 配合保险公司insurance document 保险票据certificate of insurance 保险凭证increasing coverage, extending coverage 加保renewing coverage 续保insurance commission 保险佣金social insurance 社会保险personal property insurance 小我私家产业保险insurance of contents 家庭产业保险。